Certain Tips Are Here To Prepare The Car For Auto Transport


Whenever you have to vacate from one place to another, the first thing you have to do is pack all your things and search for any packers and movers to transport them. This is not the same in case of automobiles. Unlike the other conventional products, cars and bikes have to be treated and packed very carefully. Not only because they are costly, if any small mistake occurs, it will lead to a hefty damage. So, one should always be extra careful while packing and preparing the vehicles for auto transport between different places. 

Things to be taken care of

Following are certain tips to prepare your vehicle for auto transport which has to be taken in order to prepare your vehicle:

  • Car Washing – The first and foremost thing to do is to wash your car cleanly and thoroughly. This is because the dust and dirt on the external side can hide the damages like scratches, dents etc. Also, if the car is cleaned properly before sending it through transportation, you can be able to pinpoint any damages occurred during shipping, after it reaches the destination.
  • Interior Cleaning – Next thing to do is to clean the interior of the vehicle. This is because, during shipping, there are lot of possibilities that the vehicle will be subjected to shakes, jerks etc. that can make the interior parts to come out of its place. So, for the safer hand, completely clean the vehicle interior and remove all the components that are not placed securely. Ex: Air Fresheners, Rear View Mirrors etc. If possible, remove all the additional electronic components and the associated chargers.
  • Complete Inspection – After finishing the above said steps, a complete inspection of the vehicle should be carried out. This is because all the already available damages should be recorded before shipping in order to classify them from the damages during shipping if any. If possible, take photos of those scratches, markings etc. and attach them with a written record. Also hand over a duplicate copy to the shipping company in case of any verification purpose. 
  • Closeup Check – After finishing the inspection, it’s the time for more accurate and close checking. This has to be done in order to find out any leakages or loose parts if present before shipping. If present, repair all those defects before shipping. Also record the distance reading from the odometer. This is because no shipping company has authorization to ride your car unless and until you give permission.
  • Remove Fuel and Alarm – Empty the fuel tank of the car before shipping in order to avoid any fire accidents. While shipping, the vehicle will be constantly subjected to friction and jerks that can cause drastic damage to the whole container. And also, to avoid the truck driver’s anger, don’t forget to disable all the alarm systems available in the car.

Once all the inspections and checks are over, completely lock the car after loading it into the truck container. After the vehicle reaches the destination, go and collect your car from the container and enjoy the drive. Keep in mind the above steps while packing your car for any Auto Transport.